It appears that, if I want to connect wirelessly, I have to connect within about 6 feet from my Router, however once connected I can travel around the house, without losing the connection. Oh dear Followed the guide but, i think I messed up.. Soooo close I can taste it!! Additional details on the most commonly reported symptoms and references are also included topics covered on the back of the Wireless Safety Card. There is a change in the Sparky repository as of 27 December Followed the guide but, i think I messed up.. Will check this and try your suggestions and get back to you later.

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Colin 10Submitted by Peter not verified on Wed, Ubuntu Breezy Configuration Ubuntu users are lucky enough to have just about everything they need already configured in the kernel by the default installation. I will stay connected for about a minute, then it will lose its connection. All times are GMT. Can anyone shed any light on this? I think the answer to both the wlassistant permissions and persistent connection are found in this thread. When I click on my name, it does start up and says, ‘attempting to connect to wireless network’.


[ubuntu] Eee computer, can’t connect to wireless on easy peasy.

It fixed my problem! Hi, im on a eee all working “out-of-the-box” with Ubuntu Jaunty. Decades of research has already determined that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless radiation are harmful and that this affects everyone differently — including our pets.

Wirsless Seven Gates of Hell. Originally Posted by dragos Following your steps got me up and running in minutes! The router IP address depends on the brand and model. Is there a step I missed? I followed your steps with my Ubuntu 6. It makes it easy to learn various ways to reduce or eliminate exposure:. You will see the Belkin blink green as data is transferred.

You are going to want to enable AP Broadcast on your Wifi easypwasy. Network is down pan0 Interface doesn’t support scanning. I have a HD with easy peasy on it and it’s never been a problem connecting to my wireless. December Target min. Twitter CLI — a command-line power tool for Twitter. The time now is April 17th, 4.

I never have or had any problems with this set up. Im pretty new to Linux and Im trying to understand the coding but so far I have been pretty unsuccesfull about it. Soooo close I can taste it!! However the connection is not persistent on reboot. If yours is hidden go to the bottom of the dialog that comes up and click on “connect to Hidden Wireless Network” it will give you a dialog box that you will need to put in the network name and what Wireless security you are using if you are. In my setup when editing the interface file iface wlan0; inet dhcp auto wlan0 I had to change wlan0 to rausb0.


Enjoy an ad free experience by logging in. The first release of Linux kernel of the new 4.

cannot connect wirelessly via WPA after installing Ubuntu easy peasy for netbooks

So you might want to make sure you have the necessary easypesy the WICD. Ubuntu users are lucky enough to have just about everything they need already configured in the kernel by the default installation.

Can’t set up wireless connection on Easy Peasy! Followed the guide but, i think I messed up.